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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Speed Up Your PC - What to Do With a Sluggish Computer

Is your computer running like a snail? Do you feel that your machine is slowing down day by day? In this article I will share 3 killer ways to restore your computer speed and performance, by following these 3 killer tips your computer will run just like when you first bought it!
Computer showdowns is no new news, studies show that 74 percent of world computers suffers from this common problem. However, you do not require doing regular hardware upgrades to your machine!
Most people tend of spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in newha rdware equipment in order to regain the speed and performance of their computers.
So if you are thinking to upgrade or even buying a brand new PC, then you must read this article! Below are 3 killer ways to regain your computer speed and performance without installing new hardware equipment:
#1 disk cleanup: by doing a disk cleanup you will free your hard drive space. What disk cleanup does is that it removes files and folders that have not been used for a long period of time. Such as: temporarily internet cache files, recycle bin and others.
#2 disk defrag: what disk defrag does is that it organises all the files and folders of your machine, which makes very easy to the computer to find and open them upon use request. By doing this you will free some of your computer memory Ram.
#3 registry cleanup: among all you must always make sure that your system registry is clean and tidy. You see system registry stores every single information about your computer, studies show that over 80 percent of world computers suffers from registry problems.
Believe it or not, most computers regain their speed and performance by simply cleaning their system registry! This happens because registry consumes a lot of Ram, processor power and hard disk space.