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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Disaster Recovery Software - Saving Your Computer

The unexpected happens. There are floods, fires, and other disasters every day that completely wipe out homes and businesses. This is always a traumatic event, but it can be made exponentially worse if all of your information is destroyed as well. People keep important records on their computers, the run businesses from their computers, it is imperative that this information is protected under any circumstances. If you have valuable information on your computer, you need to have disaster recovery software. Here are a few things that these software programs can do for you.
Store your information remotely - One of the biggest drawbacks to external hard drives is that if there is some sort of disaster, they will likely be destroyed as well. If you want to truly protect your information, you need to keep your backup files separate from your computer. A good disaster recovery software program will give you the ability to backup your files on the internet, or another remote server.
Store your information in organized folders - When you are shopping around for a disaster recovery software program, you need to check to see how they store your files. Some programs will lump everything together into one nonsensical folder. This can make it nearly impossible to restore your computer. You need a program that can backup your information, but can also organize it into manageable folders. Having your information where you expect it to be can make restoring your computer much easier.
Store your information automatically - Another key aspect to disaster recover software is an auto-save feature. You want to find a program that you can program to automatically save your information. Some programs can automatically save your information with as little as 15 minute intervals. This way, you will never go longer than fifteen minutes without having your files being backed up.


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