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Friday, April 30, 2010

Stay Organized in the Cloud

If you've ever thought the demand for administrative workers was waning... you were right. Springpad, by Boston-based Spring Partners, Inc., is here. And, it's arrival is making thousands - if not millions - of jobs obsolete. Springpad is a FREE Web service and iPhone application that does the work of a personal assistant - and more!
Jot down quick notes, snap a photo, scan a bar code, capture a GPS location, send an e-mail, or access Facebook and Twitter - all with Springpad. Springpad's motto is simple, yet brilliant: "Never forget again." And you won't.

Enter a restaurant name, for example, and Springpad will add the address, phone number, links to online reviews, and reservation services. Every entry is instantly surrounded by relevant information. The goal? A personal database that grows on its own and is easily sorted and searched. Springpad has a cool social feature as well. It lets users search the databases of friends who also use the service.
As mind-blowing as this app sounds, there are others like it on the market.
Microsoft's OneNote
...just to name a few.
It's scary to think that our personal lives - pictures, notes, e-mails - are constantly being dumped onto the Internet. And, it's even scarier to think that I may need an app to help me organize that information - and connect with it. Pen and paper - what? Personal assistant - who? There's no need for any of that anymore. With software like Springpad, staying organized and connected to family, friends, and colleagues is all just a iPhone finger tap away. Mouse clicks are apparently on their way out too.


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